Welcome to Threadgrams!

Welcome to my re-launched website. I am Marcie and I hope to bring you great info, ideas, answer question and have lots of fun. Threadgrams.com is the web home for my business. I love machine embroidery but I also love blogging. And crafting!

I have a Melco Amaya XTS that I call Big Bertha. She is taller than I am and has 16 needles. I use a variety of hoops & frames with her. She has been my best buddy for the past 5 years. I learn about her and what her capabilities are every time I turn her on and connect her to my computer. My home shop is exploding with products. My brain is exploding with ideas.

I’ve been on a journey to better health and she is always there when I feel up to working. I have chronic lower back pain, have been getting joints replace, eyes worked on and now my heart is messing with my to-do list.  I am working on that and not letting it interfere when possible.

I will be posting some things that will earn me a small amount of income on this blog. This means I will have affiliate links in some posts as well as in my sidebar ads. I won’t get rich, but it will help pay for the hosting fee to keep this blog published.

Join me as I bring ideas and information to you.