Drive Your Success With A Planner

Drive Your Success With A Planner


Drive your success when you use a planner. Increase productivity, stay on track and document important events. Take the leap and get started. Make a list of things likely to be added that you don’t yet have a date for and contact who you can to get those dates. If you are a small business like me, you’ll have to do this not only for your business but for your personal like so that you don’t have unexpected overlap.

Why Use a Planner?????

A planner is your roadmap to sanity. I like this planner the best of all I have seen of late. It is called PASSION PLANNER. It can be printed  (free) or shop for the pre-bound version. Their cost is comparable to the majority of planners. They are the bomb. You can add blank pages, lined pages and a hard plastic back with a clear plastic front with a title page. Then you take to an office supply store to have bound for $5.00 or so. You can use  additional pages for making supply list, jotting down lists or ideas. Consider adding a couple of envelopes for receipts, coupons, stamps, and other small items you may need. It will become your bible. You will go to it many times a day to keep you on track. Mine is alway lying out ready to use or snatch up for stowing in my tote bag that I take along in the car.

The challenge is on. Try to use one long enough to make it a growing habit. Use colored markers, washi tape or stickers to show off your personality! 🙂 They can be addictive. Suggestion: Use the printable version until January, make it a new habit and do a test drive. Then, in December, you can print a new full year to use or order a copy.

If you already use a planner, leave your suggestions on how you make it work for you in your business.