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Craft Room Organizational Woes

Craft Room Organizational Woes

Follow along for the adventures of turning a 2 car garage into my craft room. The start is slow but sure to be adventurous. I’m just scratching the surface. We moved in January. Now, it’s 6 months later and my craft room will hopefully be the next part of the moving in adventure since it isn’t unpacked yet. I’m having withdrawals from embroidery, crafting & wreath-making. I have this creative itch but I can’t really scratch it. I am making a list of the things I want to make. It’s very long as you can imagine. Here are some pics of my mountain of boxes. Hopefully, I can begin this week to make a dent in this room.

My fave shelves with a start to unpacking.
Yes, those boxes are about 6′ tall.
Someday there will be a wall with windows and a French door.
My tiny area where I can work if I clean it up the mess.
This was open but we had some wiring in the attic. Had to shove stuff in my work area.

Solving Organizational Problems NOW 
I have a carpet remnant that was used to set up a small space where I can work at my embroidery machine. The carpet is a 12′ x 12′ piece that I have used at craft shows. It is OK when it is cooler or even cold to be in that space. It is hotter than blue blazes out there and unbearable currently. This space is a 20′ x 20′ attached garage that will be converted. The first item on the unpacking list is gaining access to a window so a window AC can be installed for the first phase of making this room a dream come true.

I do have some sturdy shelves set up along one wall. They are the ones that I will be using for my large blanks and bins. I have 3 of the 5-tier shelves and one of the corner shelves. I dearly love them. They are adjustable and are available via Amazon Prime [aff link]. I’ve had them for years & years and they look brand spanking new.

These shelves are an incredible help to get things up off the floor so I can see what I want. I use clear tubs when I can. Some tubs will have to be changed out to clear or labeled. I’m hoping for a nice cohesive but clean look when I am done. I don’t like a lot of open shelves. It overwhelms me. I’d rather label & go search than see all of it.

Stay tuned as I somehow make this space user friendly and make the best possible use of this space. Thanks for dropping by!


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Who or What Is Big Bertha?

Big Bertha came to live with me about 6 years ago. You would love her if she came to your house even for a visit. I’m shocked with how easy she is to get along with most of the time. She is kind to me. She gives me beautiful items all the time. She isn’t really particular, but I try to give her what she needs & the best of the best care.  OK, I’ll reveal the truth. She is my embroidery machine. 🙂 Here is her portrait!

Big Bertha

This is my dream machine. Big Bertha has 16 needles and can sew as fast as 1500 stitches. I can do an 80,000 stitch in about an hour. This is with 16 colors or less and only a bobbin change. LOVE HER! She is about as tall as a small size apartment refrigerator and about as wide. In this “portrait” of her, she is wearing her Slimline Clamping System with the large windows installed.

It is time to call and arrange for Big Bertha to get her annual tune up and have everything serviced. I do ALL of the rest of the maintenance. That is the second best part of this embroidery machine. It is easy to care for and there are always plenty of people will to help you trouble shoot if you need it. I’m ready to get back to using this wonderful machine. I have taken about an 8 month break because of a new grand baby, the holidays, moving and selling the previous house. I know, it is really way past time to use this great machine. Yes, I love her!

Slimline Clamping System:

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A Brand New Beginning

Greetings Earthlings!
I dumped the old website because it became corrupt. So, I’m building a brand spanking new one. I didn’t keep one single thing when I dismantled it a few months ago. WOW! Things have sure changed behind the scenes of a site since then. I’m struggling a little, but I’m doing it myself and it just is what it is. Slowly I’ll have content and some info. 🙂 I’m in North Alabama. Where are you?

What will I blog about? EVERYTHING! I’m not beyond some mad, sad, bad, funny or something personal. I will keep it G or PG rated. If you think of anything that would be a great blog post, let me know and I will see if I can do anything with your idea for the masses.