Stabilizer Selection For Quality Embroidery

Stabilizer Selection For Quality Embroidery

Rolled Stabilizers
Rolled Stabilizers

Stabilizers you select will determine the outcome of your embroidery quality. These tips should help make your work turn out top quality results. With all of the various fabrics and mixed media items that you could dream up to embroider, you need to select the correct topping and stabilizer. You might even want to test using nothing and sometimes you may need to use several layers.

The best resource I have found on Which STABILIZER To Use is from Embroidery Library.  This is a 9-page document you can access, bookmark or print. I printed and added to my Embroidery Tips & Hints binder.


A beginning embroiderer should have these stabilizers:
  •  lightweight wash-away
  •  lightweight cut-away in beige
  •  heavy cut-away in white
  •  lightweight tear-away
  •  lightweight fusible tear-away in white
  •  temporary spray adhesive (I use 505 Spray. )
 As you progress and do more variety of items add these stabilizers:
  •  heavy wash-away
  •  colored tear-away topper
  •  lightweight cut-away in black
  •  heat-away
  •  heavy cut-away in black
  •  lightweight fusible tear-away in black

I found another post on how to select stabilizers. You’ll be asked you some questions to get you started in making your own selections like a pro. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

I order stabilizers from a variety of places. I like the largest rolls I can get. These give the best prices per yard possible. This is an over the door/wall rack that my husband built me out of PVC pipe that holds some of my large rolls.


Document the Process

Test, test, and more testing are necessary to perfect the quality of embroidery. I use two layers of heavy cutaway for the first test sew. Next, I use a similar or identical item or fabric for the next test sew. If the results are to my liking, I sew out the actual item. Last but not least, I make a “Recipe” card and document the stabilizer, needle size, thread, item I embroidered and take a photo.

Drive Your Success With A Planner

Drive Your Success With A Planner


Drive your success when you use a planner. Increase productivity, stay on track and document important events. Take the leap and get started. Make a list of things likely to be added that you don’t yet have a date for and contact who you can to get those dates. If you are a small business like me, you’ll have to do this not only for your business but for your personal like so that you don’t have unexpected overlap.

Why Use a Planner?????

A planner is your roadmap to sanity. I like this planner the best of all I have seen of late. It is called PASSION PLANNER. It can be printed  (free) or shop for the pre-bound version. Their cost is comparable to the majority of planners. They are the bomb. You can add blank pages, lined pages and a hard plastic back with a clear plastic front with a title page. Then you take to an office supply store to have bound for $5.00 or so. You can use  additional pages for making supply list, jotting down lists or ideas. Consider adding a couple of envelopes for receipts, coupons, stamps, and other small items you may need. It will become your bible. You will go to it many times a day to keep you on track. Mine is alway lying out ready to use or snatch up for stowing in my tote bag that I take along in the car.

The challenge is on. Try to use one long enough to make it a growing habit. Use colored markers, washi tape or stickers to show off your personality! 🙂 They can be addictive. Suggestion: Use the printable version until January, make it a new habit and do a test drive. Then, in December, you can print a new full year to use or order a copy.

If you already use a planner, leave your suggestions on how you make it work for you in your business.